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The Syliphone Years
Price: $24.99

2 CDS + a 44-Page Illustrated Booklet
Comprehensive notes by renowned expert on Guinean music; Graeme Counsel
Includes some of the most important recordings together with rare and previously unreleased tracks.
Authenticite - The Sylphone Years - CD 1 - 1965-1972
  Artist Track Name  
1. Keletigui et ses Tambourinis Soundiata  
2. Balla et ses Balladinis Diaraby  
3. Kebendo Jazz Soumba  
4. Horoya Band National Karan-gbegne  
5. Bembeya Jazz National Djanfamagni  
6. Orchestre de la Pailote Kankan-yarabi  
7. Orchestre de Dabola Semba  
8. Orchestre de Beyla O.U.A.  
9. Palm Jazz P.D.G. - R.D.A.  
10. Bembeya Jazz National Minuit  
11. Orchestre du Jardin de Guinee P.D.G.  
12. Orchestre de Beyla Koukou befo  
13. Kebendo Jazz Information  
14. Orchestre de Kindia La Guinee wodi  
15. Super Boira Band Mariama  
16. Bembeya Jazz National Boira  
Authenticite - The Sylphone Years - CD 2 - 1972-1980
1. "22 Novembre" Band Kouma  
2. Keletigui et ses Tambourinis Miri Madnin  
3. Pivi et les Balladinis Samba  
4. Bembeya Jazz National Bembeya  
5. Horoya Band Were were  
6. Soumbory Jazz Nana  
7. Palm Jazz Ziamai  
8. Syli Authentic Fabara  
9. Camayenne Sofia Karomoko  
10. Tropical Djoli Band de Farannah Soko  
11. Nimba Jazz Ziko  
12. Le Simanandou de Beyla Festival  
When the French colonial administration pulled out of Guinea in 1958, they took everything: all their medicines, blueprints to the electricity grid, furniture, telephones, even the cutlery. It seemed that the passionate cry of soon-to-be President, Sekou Toure made while addressing a public rally and standing right next to De Gaulle - of We prefer freedom in poverty to riches in chains" had become true than perhaps even he hoped.

Undaunted and with optimism and vigour, the new government set about rebuilding the country. They established a campaign that encouraged artists to create new works, but based on traditional African roots. The policy was called authenticite, music was its focus and Syliphone its record label. Thus Syliphone found itself in the right place at the right time - a special moment in African history when a new nation asserted itself and placed music at the forefront of its identity.

This 2CD set "Authenticite - the Syliphone Years" features gems from their catalogue, most of which are on CD for the first time, and gives you an insight into the incredible energy of the times. All the great bands are here, with key songs frm such legendaries as Bembeya Jazz National, Keletigui et ses Tambourinis and Balla et ses Balladins. Also here are rare recordings from theit contemporaries such as Syli Authentic, and Kebendo Jazz; groups that battled for honours against more than 30 others in Guinea's renowned arts festivals, where a 1st prize could launch a band to stardom.